Renewable Energy Solutions

We are experts in installing solar panels, battery storage & electrical vehicle charging for homeowners and businesses across Hull & East Yorkshire.

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Solar Panel Installation

At Ockelton Electrical, we have extensive experience in installing solar panels & battery storage for homeowners and businesses in Hull & East Yorkshire.

Designed for your home, our top of the range solar panel installation & battery storage systems will reduce your energy bills.

Contact us today to start your renewable journey.

Electrical Vehicle Charging

We are experts in electric vehicle (EV) charger installation, with a proven track record of providing excellent results across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Having an EV charger installed at your home or business makes charging your electric vehicle much more convenient.

Ready to join the growing hybrid / electric vehicle surge? Get in touch with one of our professionals today.

Battery storage in loft.

Battery Storage

Installing a battery can help you make the most of the energy you produce.

At Ockelton Electrical, we are expert installers with lots of experience in both residential and commercial settings.